DUPLI-PIC 16C55x/57x

Stand-Alone Copier , No Computer



DUPLI-PIC16C55x/57x  is a low-cost hand-held device intended to copy the contents of the master PIC16C55x/57x chip to any number of target chips. It can be quite useful for small to medium volume programming. The Copier has the following features:

  • Direct support for all Microchip's 18-pin PIC16C55x/57x devices

  • Includes a ZIF socket for DIP packages

  • Read Master and Program functions

  • Reading and programming the complete contents of the chip including Program memory, configuration bits (fuses), ID word

  • Code protection state of the programmed chip can be chosen by the dedicated switch

  • Manufacturer approved programming algorithm

  • Operates as a standalone unit (internal non-volatile buffer: 8K x 8)

  • Very simple operation control using just one button

  • Clear indication of the device status by the LED

  • Safe chip insertion/removal by switching all device pins (including Vdd and Vpp) to ground when idle

  • Operates from external power supply: 15V / 100mA (not included, available at any electronics store)

  • Dimensions: 62x50x15 mm

The following devices are supported by the Copier:

PIC16C55, PIC16C55А, PIC16C57, PIC16C57C, PIC16CR57A, PIC16CR57C.




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