The below publications show vulnerabilities to various technologies.  Like major news sources, we explain step-by-step how the exploits are carried out.  With this knowledge, consumers as well as businesses, can prepare themselves to be better equipped to deal with situations when they arise.  We provide only the BEST cutting-edge publications in the industry with new and updated ones being released on a regular basis.  Individual publications will be emailed to you in Adobe Acrobat PDF form after we receive payment.  If you purchase all of the below publications, then it will be shipped to you by mail and will also include a download link.



ALL PUBLICATIONS ON THIS WEBPAGE   You get every publication on this webpage for the low price of $120 shipped to you on a CD ROM. …$120  (includes shipping)


114 PHONE BUG & OFF-HOOK DETECTOR PLANS  This circuit will light up if someone uses a telephone extension, or if a bug is detected on the line, this can be connected to any land line. …$3


146 TELEPHONE TAP MANUAL  How to tap phones without using electronics, this is very effective in business to gain valuable information that may benefit you. …$3  


168 TELEPHONE ANTI-LISTENING DEVICE PLANS  Install this device on all extension phones. When you are talking to someone on the phone it will be impossible for anyone to pick up an extension phone and listen. …$3  


204 BUG DETECTOR PLANS  Use this device to detect bugs around your home or business.  Once you have created this device from the plans you simply connect a 9v battery to it and you can not only detect around your home and business, but also detect some phone bugs. …$3  


206 BUG JAMMER PLANS With the current times how can you have any privacy without this manual! Do you feel like you are being bugged? Here is your remedy in this very easy to read manual that will INSURE YOUR PRIVACY!  Jams reception of all types of bugs. …$5  


209 AM/FM BUG IN OUTLET PLANS  This bug is wired into an electrical receptacle or switch, this is excellent for those wanting to keep tabs on a specific room in the house. …$3  


211 WALL MICROPHONE PLANS  This device when placed on a wall will pick up and amplify conversations on the other side of the wall. This is a very sensitive item that can pick up the very smallest of sounds. …$3  


217 FM BUG SCHEMATICS Over 20 sets of plans of wireless transmitters and wireless microphones with the range of thousands of feet. …$10  


218 TELEPHONE BUG SCHEMATICS Over 8 sets of plans for wireless microphones and transmitters.  116 PHONE BUG PLANS  When this circuit is attached to a telephone line, it allows one to listen in on both sides of a conversation using a regular radio.  It can be attached anywhere along the telephone line including the exterior of a residence or a business.  It can transmit to any FM radio within 100 Feet. …$10  


223 INDUCTION PICKUP BUG PLANS  These plans describe how to build a transmitter capable of transmitting BOTH sides of a telephone conversation without the need for a direct connection to the phone line. …$3  


307 PADLOCK MASTER KEY PLANS  These plans tell you how you can make your own master key to open a very popular padlock. This manual is so easy you can make this master key in less than 10 minutes. …$3  


323 PUSHBUTTON SIMPLEX LOCKS  I'm sure you've seen those door locks with the 5-number push button combination. This manual describes how to hack not only Simplex systems but also Unican systems. There are several applications such as dead bold, slam latch, lock switches for alarms, buttons in a circle or vertical line etc... …$3  


324 HOW TO PICK LOCKS  This manual will describe in detail how to the various types of locks you will commonly see. With only a few hours of practice you should be able to pick any lock in just seconds! …$3  


325 DEFEAT BURGLAR ALARMS  This manual describes in detail how to defeat all types of home and business alarms. Once you have read this very complete manual you will know exactly what to do to break ANY alarm system! …$10  


326 DEFEAT SECURITY CAMERAS   Everything you need to know about security camera’s of all types. There are simple things that we simply do not realize about how a security camera works. This will NO LONGER be a problem once you have this valuable manual of methods that make it impossible for security cameras to properly identify a person. …$10  


327 DEFEAT COMBINATION LOCKS  This manual will describe many ways to open locks without knowing the combination. You'll be surprised how easy it is to do. The detail in the manual will make it possible for anyone to pick a lock. …$3  


401 CB LINEAR AMPLIFIER PLANS Add this amplifier to your mobile or base CB and enjoy 120 watts of transmitting power. Most CB's normally transmit around 5 watts. Sold as broadband 3-30 MHz linear amplifier plans. Illegal for CB(27 Mhz) use. …$3  


402 RADAR JAMMER PLANS This circuit jams many commonly used police radars still being used across the United States. This manual should be in anyone’s arsenal that is tired of those nagging tickets. …$5  


403 LASER JAMMER PLANS This circuit will jam the laser used by police to detect speed. …$5  


409 PARKING METER MASTER KEY  These plans describe how you can easily make your own key to open a commonly found parking meter. The key works on meters throughout the United States. …$3  


519 ARCADE GAME DEFEATS  This simple manual illustrates methods for obtaining free credits on arcade video games. These methods will work on all types of games worldwide. …$3  


602 BLACK JACK CARD COUNTING DEVICE PLANS Use this miniature device in a secret location while playing black jack at the casinos in order to obtain an approximate 87% chance of doubling you money with every play.  Price of competitor device $2,100.00! …$20  


603 RADIO AND TV INTERRUPTER PLANS This manual works around the world and is great for practical jokes during those sporting events you want to interrupt. Great for having fun at your local pub/tavern. This device jams the reception on radios and televisions. …$3  


605 ELECTRONIC FISH STUNNER PLANS  Use this device and your boat to bring all the fish you can net to the surface. The signal interferes with the normal external sensing organs that bottom feeding fish use to sense their surroundings. This confuses the fish inducing them into a semiconscious mode causing them to float to the surface where you can easily net them. The effect is temporary and lasts only a few minutes or until an external stimuli awakens them. …$10  


607 ULTRASONIC PAIN GENERATOR PLANS This device will emit a sound above most people's hearing that will cause headaches and nausea to many people without them detecting anything's wrong. Once this product is built it can be concealed as it as small as a pack of cigarettes. …$3  


624 TOILET SHOCKER  When someone goes to sit on the pot this device will shock the sh*t out of them, literally.  Easy to read instructions and schematics (this is EXTREMELY funny when applied!)  …$3  


630 BRAIN BLASTER  This device will remotely stimulate a person's brain, usually causing severe headaches, sometimes other effects also.  Instructions and schematics. …$3  


641 CB JAMMER PLANS  If you are getting consistent and annoying interruption of your Television or Stereo from a neighbor using their CB this device jams CB radio reception. …$5  


659 LIE DETECTOR PLANS  Electronic Lie Detectors/Voice Stress Analyzers are very controversial at the present time. Many experts in the intelligence industry swear by this technology. Now you can build your own! Complete and clear instructions (think of the many applications this can be used in finding out if your being lied to!). …$3  


670 CLONE COPY PROTECTED CDs  Many music and computer CDs are copy protected; learn how to EASILY break this copy protection and make duplicate CDs.  Method takes a couple of seconds. …$3  


804d GAMBLING & VENDING MACHINE BILL ACCEPTOR SECURITY MANUAL [ This product has just been updated for a total of 5 different methods that work on the MOST popular current bill acceptors and we include links to web sites that show the exact models of bill acceptors. ] The methods described are easy to perform and do not require any special skills or tools. They work on MOST Bill Acceptors/Validators, such as change machines, vending machines, gambling machines, and bill changers at CASINOS. The potential at the casinos is UNLIMITED because most of their bill acceptors will accept up to $100 dollar bills, whereas vending machines will only accept up to $10 or $20 dollar bills. You can rack up several thousand credits on a machine in only a few minutes, and then simply cash out the machine. Methods were tried and tested in the United States only, and we cannot confirm if they'll work in other countries, although we believe some of these methods could be modified to work internationally. UPDATE: One of the methods included in this manual has been confirmed to work on Automated Bet Machines commonly found at most Dog and Horse RaceTracks. …$50  


804e BEAT CHERRY MASTER & 8 LINER MACHINES   MANY METHODS that will show you HOW TO BEAT the most popular game room, pub, truck stop, and restaurant GAMBLING MACHINES in the United States and other countries.  Below you will find the generic name of the machine along with the manual on HOW TO BEAT IT. …$50




804g POT O GOLD MACHINES SECURITY MANUAL This manual shows you how to make a device that allows you to play POT OF GOLD machines for FREE, but that's not all. It will also explain how to increase the "pot" and easily make $1,500 or more per hour. The device is completely undetectable by the machine. This device is the size of an ordinary key and can easily be made in a few minutes using materials found in any city (no soldering or electronic skills required). It exploits a commonly found "bug" in the system. Simply use the device to "force" the machine into "free game mode". Once in free game mode, you will be prompted to touch certain buttons on the screen itself. We explain how to take advantage of this "bug" and touch the buttons in the correct combination that forces the machine to pay out the ULTIMATE POT. Includes complete easy-to-understand instructions. Works in ALL countries. …$25


804k  NCAA BASKETBALL PREDICTOR  This manual allows you to gain an edge over your bookie or sports betting agent, legal or illegal.  It'll tell you when to bet and when not to bet.  Some people make a living off of sports betting; this manual tells you exactly when the point spread is just right.  Whether you are a big time or occasional basketball bettor, this manual will help you make your betting decisions. …$10  


805 UTILITY METER SECURITY MANUAL  The manual explains how you can modify your gas, electric, and water meters into reading less consumption. As you know, less consumption means less money.  855 POWER METER SECURITY MANUAL  This manual will show you an easy way to bypass your electricity meter and receive free electricity for any application. It explains in detail how to set everything up, and the great benefit is that its undetectable by the power company. The possibilities for this "hack" are endless. Here is one example of how and why you might consider using this manual. You may wish to cultivate some plants in a closet or basement which require light 20 out of 24 hours a day. If you are growing some "greenery" you might be interested in knowing that law enforcement can monitor power bills of suspected growers of controlled substances, and can use an unusually large increase in your power usage as probable cause to search your residence. …$10  


808 CHECKING ACCOUNT SECURITY MANUAL  Bank checking account scams explained in detail. This information is valuable for store owners to help them find what to look for. …$5  


809 CASH MACHINE/ATM MACHINE SECURITY MANUAL   This FASCINATING manual describes MANY WAYS to hack ATM machines into giving you money.  869 CASH MACHINE SECURITY MANUAL  This EXCLUSIVE manual will describe the NEWEST method of tapping into most cash machines. To our knowledge, this method has never before been commercially offered. Included are ALL instructions with a list of items you'll need. These items can be purchased from any hardware store for about $10.00. The method is very easy to perform and can net you $1,000.00 CASH in minutes. Method can be executed multiple times. This method will not set off alarms if used correctly, a card is never inserted into the cash/ATM machine. By showing you the hole in security, you will be able to design better security and countermeasures for machines located in your business. …$20  


814 SCRATCH-OFF LOTTERY TICKET SECURITY MANUAL  Imagine being able to see what's under the scratch-off coating on a lottery ticket.  This manual describes the vulnerabilities behind scratch-off tickets.  Are you a clerk at a store that sells scratch-off lottery tickets?  You might want to get a part-time VERY TEMPORARY job as a clerk after reading this manual.  Works on any ticket that uses a scratch-off coating including lottery tickets, sweepstakes, contests and giveaways. …$5  


817 COIN-OP LAUNDRY MACHINE SECURITY MANUAL  Easy ways to defraud coin-op laundry machines for free services, these machines are found in virtually any city. …$3  


819 STORE SECURITY TAG DEFEATS  You know those store tags that cause the alarms to sound when you leave the store? Clear and concise manual that explains how you can defeat this very easy.  843 STORE ANTI-SHOPLIFTING TAG SYSTEMS  This informational manual increases your knowledge of those tag readers that you see at most exits of stores around the world. This will show you the vulnerabilities of these systems (recommended with 829 Shoplifting manual). …$5  


829 SHOPLIFTING  This manual describes how shoplifters have been getting away with shoplifting for over 35 years. The methods used and experience written into this manual exposes modern flaws in many of the stores around the world. If you are involved with store security or an owner, this is a must read as it could save you thousands in losses. …$5  


832 COIN MAKER  How to make your own coins to use in vending machines, two very easy to use methods.  813 DIME MAKER  This manual describes how you can build a compact device that will transform your pennies into dimes, which can then be used in vending machines, pay phones, and parking meters. …$3  


841 TELECHECK / TELECREDIT SECURITY MANUAL  You know those services that approve your check or credit card when you're purchase something at the store? Well, this manual describes how to hack it into always being approved. …$3  


842 CARD ACCESS SYSTEMS  This manual describes several of the security access card systems being used in businesses and hotels. This informative manual will help anyone understand this technology. …$3  


844 COIN ACCEPTOR-VALIDATOR-CHANGER SYSTEMS  Everything you ever wanted to know about coin acceptors. This INFORMATIVE manual is in plain English and will help anyone understand the basic understandings needed to maintain all types of coin-operated machines. …$3  


845 CHECK WASHING SECURITY MANUAL  Learn where to obtain hundreds of checks, remove the ink and rewrite the checks for the amount and payee you desire. These methods are easy to do and also include where you can easily cash these checks without detection. …$3  


849 WIN AT BLACK JACK  This tutorial will explain everything you need to know on how to gain the advantage and win at Black Jack at least 75% of the time. …$5  


852a  OBTAIN A NEW IDENTITY  Step-by-step instructions on completing the process of changing your identity. You will learn how to counterfeit birth certificates and other documents in order to obtain legitimate ID, social security cards, driver's licenses, etc. Written by an experienced pro, who had three separate identities and provided new identities to about 100 illegal aliens of all ages. Sample documents are included. …$10  


852b  CHANGE YOUR CREDIT REPORT  If you have bad credit and are unable to rent an apartment, buy a car, or get a loan chances are this manual can help you. It outlines a simple solution which can show delinquent accounts (charge-offs) to be "PAID" with the credit bureau without actually paying for the account and your credit restored in 30 days. Sample form letters are included. …$10  


852d  FUEL TAX REBATE SECURITY  When you purchase gasoline or diesel fuel, the State and Federal Government is taxing you.  The taxes are already part of the price per gallon posted at the pump.  One of the many taxes included by the State is a "road use" tax.  This tax is part of the price of every gallon of fuel you purchase.  This manual will teach you how to get 15 - 20% back from the state every time you buy gas!!! …$3  


854 INSTANT DEBT REMOVER MANUAL  Do you have a large credit card bill that you just can't pay? Use the information in this manual to INSTANTLY GET RID OF YOUR DEBT. It will not remove bad credit on your credit report, but it will force your creditors to write off their loss and never hassle you again. …$3  


858f HORSE RACE DUTCHING  WIN BIG AT THE RACETRACK!!!  Learn this simple method of horse race betting and become a consistent winner at the track. Dutching is a betting methodology where one structures a bet in a way that no matter what you win! Comes with MS Excel Dutching model (software) which can be put on a laptop computer for use at the racetrack. …$10  


859 VENDING MACHINE SECURITY MANUAL SIMPLIFIED Plans and instructions for a method that will allow you to INSTANTLY open virtually ALL soda, vending and some bill changer machines. The tool described in the manual is available at most hardware stores and home centers. The tool is concealable until used; it takes just a few seconds to open the machines. Once the machine is opened, you will have access to ALL of the money as well as the product. Includes detailed diagram and instructions. The method described works in ALL countries. UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.  859a VENDING MACHINE SECURITY MANUAL #2  By using the method explained in this manual, you can easily obtain up to several hundred dollars a day from most any vending machine, payphone, Laundromat machine, etc.. .  Use it on several machines simultaneously, and the potential take can be in the thousands of dollars!!!  The method takes just a few seconds to perform and requires a common item found at any food store, supermarket or home store that costs just a few cents.  To be used on customer-owned machines ONLY in order to check the security of the machine. …$10  


864 ONE CENT PARKING METER  With this report you'll learn how to park ALL DAY at most parking meters for only a penny.  VERY EASY TO DO!!! …$3  


865 BAR CODE SECURITY MANUAL  This PROFITABLE manual shows you how to modify bar codes found on all products. By modifying them you can obtain all kinds of products for as low as 1/10th of the store-marked price. We even explain how to use it to get FREE store credit or CASH. Create your own bar code labels and get the price you want for a product. A customer recently explained to us how he used it to get $15,000.00 worth of products within 1 month for FREE. We'll tell you how to do the same thing. The methods described work in ALL countries. …$10  


876 BILL CHANGER SECURITY MANUAL The manual describes how to easily JACKPOT several popular BILL CHANGING machines. These machines can hold as much as $3600.00 in quarters and you can JACKPOT the ENTIRE CONTENTS of these machines. We include 2 methods with NO special tools needed or no device to build, in fact, one method would appear to be using the machine normally. These Bill Changers are commonly found at many 24 hour self-serve CAR WASH facilities making it perfect because you could go late at night and no one will be around to see you JACKPOT the machine. We explain step-by-step how to perform these methods and how to exchange the quarters into greenbacks without a second look from a bank teller. Imagine hitting 3,4,5,6,7,8 or more machines a night with up to $3,600.00 in quarters. …$50  


877 GIFT CARD SECURITY MANUAL  This INFORMATIVE manual explains how to reload any type of gift card and get UNLIMITED CREDIT. By showing you the hole in security, you will be able to design a more secure gift card for your business. …$20  


899 GAS SECURITY MANUAL  JUST IN TIME FOR HOLIDAY TRAVEL. ARE YOU PAYING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH FOR GAS? NEVER AGAIN, WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET FREE GAS!!!!!!!!! Modern gas pumps are controlled by internal microprocessors which are mini computers. As you know all computers/software contain bugs. We have discovered a bug in the computers that control modern gas pumps that allows you to obtain gas without paying for it by simply pressing 1 button on the pump that you would not normally press. Best of all, it is undetectable by the gas station, meaning, no one will know you are getting FREE GAS. …$10  


909 "OFFICIAL" SEAL MAKER  Make your own seals similar to those seen on official papers. Example: State of Texas. …$3  


920 DISAPPEARING INK  Think of the uses for disappearing ink such as promissory notes, leases, checks, etc... Formulas to make your own. Adjust formula to disappear in 1-4 days. …$3  


938 BIG SCREEN TV PROJECTOR PLANS  This device will enlarge picture from your TV to 5x6 feet. Works on 7" to 25" TV sets.  Enjoy sports and movies with a theatre-like environment.  Plans to make your own. …$3  


ALL PUBLICATIONS ON THIS WEBPAGE   You get every publication on this webpage for the low price of $120 shipped to you on a CD ROM. …$120  (includes shipping)